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Children's book by Dr. M. Emoto: Beautifully told and illustrated

„Die geheimnissvolle Sprache des Wassers"
[TRANS: "The secret language of water"]

Children's book based on Dr. Masaru Emoto and PranaVita with awareness exercises for children

Masaru Emoto, born in 1943 in Yokohma, Japan, is Japanese pseudoscientist and alternative medicine.

Since the beginning of the 90s he has dealt with water.

Mr Emoto also photographed among other things ice crystals and assesses it based on the shape of the quality, or the water's condition.
With these pictures Mr Emoto wants to show that water can include and save the influences of thoughts and feelings.

To give children an understanding of our key asset water he has released a children's book in collaboration with Hans B. Schindler and PranaVita GmbH which you can download for free here.

Free download - Emoto children's book >