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Interesting facts about water

Water has a row of unusual features (anomalies1) making it an exceptional medium. A water molecule hardly exists alone, but combines – in accordance to the temperature – with help of hydrogen bonds with up to 700 other molecules becoming clusters (molecular chains). This clustering is the base for the storage of information in water.

Water and information
(informare (lat.) = giving shape, form a structure)

Every touch with matter, energy or electromagnetic spectrum leaves traces in the water structure. The clustering of water changes. The cluster network’s vibrations and structures change, information is saved. Thus the electromagnetic features of clusters (response) change, as well as the water itself.
It means that traces of all substances and energies which were in contact with water, are saved in common tap water. From the great-information of cleanest spring water up to latest pollution – even if these were removed chemically or through filters.

Crystallized water

Water is differed between liquid-unstructured and crystalline liquid structured water with a stable clustering structure. The higher the crystallites’ percentage the better is its biological quality.
The original structure of water is destroyed through e.g. high pressure, filtration and other unnatural influences.