30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!

Spring water quality and protection against lime scale for your home

Your personal advantages:

  • Delicious and fresh water directly from your tap
  • No more annoying dragging of crates for your table water supply
  • Smooth water for taking a shower and bathing
  • Soft skin and velvety soft hair

Advantages for your household:

  • Less lime and rust
  • Protects water pipes and household aids
  • Old deposit in your pipe system will detach slowly
  • Chalk deduction in the kitchen and bathroom
  • The lower use of detergents saves time and money and also respects the environment
  • Lower use of chemicals for your pool

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TV report of both managing directors

Customers explain the advantages with aqua blue for household, hotels, industry and swimming pools - the general managers Hermann and Thomas Löhnert in an interview.