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aqua blue for your heating system

Save energy and money with an aqua blue device for your heating cycle.

Your advantages:

  • Reduced engergy consumption
  • Cost savings due to lower consumption of fuel
  • Less deposits in heating water piping system
  • Less lime in boiler
  • Extension of the pipe system's and hot-water boiler's lifetime
  • Extension of maintenance intervals


Effect of deposits

Deposits isolate heating coils, heat exchangers and the inner wall of the boiler. They can not fully transmit the heat in that condition.
The efficiency decreases with only 1 mm of deposits already by 10 per cent, with a layer of 3 mm already by over 20 per cent.


Heating set of aqua blue for special price!

We offer our aqua blue heating set for a special price for homeowners.

1 x aqua blue household +

1x aqua blue heating system =

50 € price advantage


If you need help to find the appropriate device, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact formula or call us on +49(0)761 21 72 43 55.