30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!
galvanised water pipes with and without lime deposit

Effective protection against lime and rust

For a better water quality in your home.

  • aqua blue changes the crystallization of lime scale - loose aragonite occurs, no hard calcite anymore
  • lime crystals become smoother
  • less lime spots develop
  • lime deposits are easier to remove
  • decreases new calcination and rust in the water pipes effectively
  • water boiler, coffee machine and other devices calcify less and need to be less descaled
  • less and smoother lime spots on the surfaces, which are easy to remove
  • less rim on cups and teapots
  • aqua blue improves your water quality
    You can see, taste and feel the difference
  • Easy installation - no installation costs
  • aqua blue entirely works maintenance-free
  • Made in Germany - aqua blue is produced in Germany
  • Aqua blue has been active for 15 years now and works reliable


Picture 1: Incrusted lime deposits without aqua blue
Picture 2: Less and smoother lime with aqua blue

Lime crystals under the scanning electron microscope

For this attempt a drop of water was dropped on a glass plate and was evaporated at room temperature to simulate the everyday lime spots in kitchen and bathroom.

On these pictures you can see the remaining lime crystals before and after installation of aqua blue.

The first picture shows a drop edge without aqua blue. The lime is keenly incrusted and sticks persistent.


In the second picture you can see a drop edge one day after the installation of aqua blue. The individual crystals without incrustation are clear to see.

The lime in the aqua blue water is soft, can hardly remain and can therefore be removed easily.


Investigation by:
Accredited laboratory, Dipl.-Ing. Walter Lang, Nuremberg

Test objects: Less lime in only 7 months

Test object: Trattoria in Lauf an der Pegnitz

Degradation of old deposit in galvanised pipes: Measurable less scale in only 7 months

home and office building in Lauf an der Pegnitz

Already after 16 years a massive layer of scale and rust has embedded in the pipes.

The installer removed a part of the pipe, weighed and took a picture of it and built it back in. An aqua blue limescale protection device was installed afterwards and the pipe has been controlled after seven months.

The result:

A decrease of the existing lime deposit in the galvanised pipe by 80 gram in the 60 cm long pipe part.

water hardness: middle, around 11,9 up to 12,8 0dH (according to the public services Lauf an der Pegnitz)

22 July 2008 – Test pipe part after water meter, 60 cm, 3,545 g
16 February 2009 – Dismantling and examination by technician for sanitary installation
16 February 2009 – Same test pipe part after seven months with aqua blue, weight: 3,465 g – removed amount of scale and rust: 80 g
without aqua blue
with aqua blue

Rusty brown water becomes clear again with aqua blue

Left: rusty, brown water without aqua blue in a family home in Stuttgart
Right: Stuttgart water after the installation of aqua blue

Customer’s pictures – family home Stuttgart
Problem: brown, rusty water

Ms T from Stuttgart contacted us because of a problem which many customers have:

brown, rust-containing water out of the tap.

After the installation of aqua blue, the customer is pleased about clear, soft and pleasant-tasting drinking water.

Protection from scale and rust even in great buildings

The aqua blue water treatment is also used successfully in big buildings, e.g. in apartment buildings with galvanised water pipes, where it happens more often that the water is brown and that the pipe diameter is reduced due to deposit.

Feel free to read the reference by the house and property management WOHLLEBEN in Nuremberg.