30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!

Aqua blue in the Ostsee Kate from Willibrord Ney

Dear Mr Löhnert

I tested “aqua blue 1020” at home and in my holiday home at the Baltic Sea. I have to admit that I was very pleased because I actually “believed” to feel an improvement in the water’s quality. Even if the wine test with friends did not deliver valid results, however, everyone “believed” to taste a difference. Anyway, the effect counts and nothing else. With the very critical, hart and calcareous water in the holiday home so far flavourful and visual noticeable effects failed to appear. I decided to buy the device and to suggest my guests in the house map “aqua blue”.

Kind regards

Willibrord Ney

Water flows better out of the tap again with aqua blue

Dear Mr Löhnert

I can confirm after the use of aqua blue after good 3 months that the device does what has been promised:

- Immediately noticeable, pleasant drinking water quality, also pleasant on the skin, in kitchen and bathroom is less and loose lime which can be removed with a cloth without a special lime cleaning fluid.

- Less detergents and fabric softener needed

After about two months I especially realised the glasses, which became “milky” in the dishwasher after a time, however, they look clear again.

After a very short time period it was also noticed that reddish trickle-water stains in the toilet were gone.

The particular surprise was the water jet of a tap, which has slowly dried up for one year. The repair was always delayed but envisaged yet because almost no water came through and therefore the tap was hardly used. Own tries, also to put the valve into vinegar water, were without results so that we thought about a mechanical damage.

For a few days I made a test how the “new” water affects after the installation of aqua blue. Lo and behold, the water flowed better after just two, three days and then in normal strength. The workman is no longer necessary!

My impression is that everywhere where aqua blue flows, a positive change regarding to lime will occur and therefore the cleaning effort especially for the washbasins as well as the bath screen will pleasantly be decreased.

In short: The investment has paid off; I don’t want to be without the device anymore!

Ms H. from Freiburg, 14 July 2015



Anna and Michael Kaiser with their dog Queeny are impressed of aqua blue

Customer’s reference – Kaiser family, Oberasbach

“Luckily a good friend who has already used aqua blue for a while told me about it.

Since the end of last year we have used an aqua blue device in our family home because we often forgot to buy mineral water and therefore we were forced to drink tab water.
We usually filtered the water with a table filter; however, it was only an emergency solution regarding the taste.

Our water, but also our coffee and tea taste significantly better and it’s easier for us to comply with the day stint of liquid since we have aqua blue.

We find our dog’s reaction to the “new” water very interesting: they only drank out of the pond back then, but now they suddenly drink with excitement from the water cup.

Now we don’t have mineral water in our house anymore. 
If customers and guests come to our house we offer them our wonderful water of aqua blue, which has mostly elicited a positive response.

We have also noticed while cleaning the bathroom and kitchen that the lime is easy to remove. 

We are really satisfied with aqua blue and can gladly recommend it.

Anna & Michael Kaiser, Oberasbach
March 2012



Anna Kaiser - Human Resource Management
Michael Kaiser - CRM- and BI-consulting



Doris Schweidler, House and property management WOHLLEBEN OHG

[…] We had massive problems with brown water and deposits for years, the water’s quality was really constricted in our residential estate […] After thorough examination of the different choices of water treatment the joint-ownership decided for aqua blue […] The device of aqua blue has been used since the beginning of May 2011 and the inhabitants tell about significant improvements of the water quality and speak of clear, clean and softer water […] Therefore we can only recommend Aqua blue.
Detailed reference as PDF > www.hausverwaltung-wohlleben.de

J. and B. Talmon, House management, Fürth, Bavaria

[…] In all 12 parts of the apartment building were no problems with brown, or rather clouded water, above average water quality instead […] By the way, “secondary effects” were surprisingly noticed for the inhabitants of the house, e.g. better tasting tea or coffee, less calcification in diverse devices, less cleaning effort needed […] All in all: Even the greatest sceptics will be convinced with aqua blue.

Arnold Iffland, non-medical practitioner, Gunzenhausen, Bavaria

[…] We have used well water for years and treated with gemstones, but the aqua blue water is just better, it has a much higher frequency and of all places it tastes better. At the beginning of a treatment we offer our patients a glass of water. To my delight I get to hear statements like “Your water tastes so different, so soft and pleasant to the taste! […] We will recommend your device with a good conscience.

Herkommer + Gutbrod, WohnRaum, Ingolstadt, Bavaria

[…] The water quality noticeably improved after the installation of aqua blue. Even in the private house my wife and me could note the improvement of the lime […] my wife enjoys her “blue bath water” and hasn’t used bath additives since then.

We have a really good feeling with aqua blue. The water tastes good, is good for the health and just feels really good.

Rotlandhof Leubner family– aqua blue in horse husbandry

The horses increasingly drink the good aqua blue water.
We have tubs with aqua blue water at our meadows; as soon as we let the horses outside they directly go to the tubs to drink that water (even though they have water in their boxes).

The horses’ fur became brilliant. The old horses don’t have orbital cavities above their eyes anymore. It is flat above the eyes, which means: the horses drink plentiful. A horse drinks between 50 and 70 litres per day. Elder horses usually drink relatively little.

Also an older horse aged 20, which came to us, had metabolic problems and hadn’t rejected its winter fur at various areas of its body for over two years. The horse started drinking aqua blue here – and more and more that old fur fell out. That old horse got brilliant fur, too.
Then again another horse that has been here for 16 years faced metabolic problems again and again and didn’t eat well. The owner had to feed the horse with a lot of concentrated feed and the horse remained quite skinny and didn’t drink really much. That horse is already almost 20 years old now. We have used aqua blue for around 5 years already and lo and behold, after three years the horse started to drink a lot and is in a proper condition nowadays, the owner doesn’t have to feed so much concentrated feed.
The longer a horse has a problem the longer you have to wait, however, the horse changes in a positive way over and over. My impression is also that the horses aren’t so prone anymore. I realised it with my horse, which eats hay, after that the horse drinks and this on repeat.
The horses are really clever; water is the no. 1 for horses, after that comes food. The elder horses’ energy is very well since only aqua blue water is drunk.
aqua blue has an effect on the horses as per description – however, like I said, the longer a horse has a problem, the longer it needs to process something.

Rottlandhof, Dipl. Ing Agrar Klaus Leubner , 53604 Bad Honnef Aegidienberg

Udo Schneider, private customer, Hessen

[…] until now the device of aqua blue especially impressed us because the lime deposits can hardly be seen on the aerators and fittings. Especially on flat surfaces those lime traces can easily be rubbed off under low pressure. Thus the cleansing of the plastic bath screen becomes easier. The cleansing of objects getting in touch with aqua blue water can be carried out much easier. This effect can also be seen on the rinsed glasses out of the dishwasher. We have to deal with spots much less often.

Michael Bauer Heim, retirement complex, Nuremberg, Bavaria

[…] We have been using aqua blue for 2 years now […] the lime deposits significantly decreased and we don’t have to clean the aerators so many times anymore – before aqua blue quarterly, with aqua blue only once a year.

We offered the aqua blue water as table water to our inhabitants and employees. It’s being accepted since the taste of the water is more pleasant than the traditional mineral water. Furthermore it’s for free. Thus the purchase of mineral water decreased. We don’t only save money but can also protect the environment.

Dr. med. Wolfgang Falb, doctor, Manching, Bavaria

[…] I can gladly confirm the efficacy of the physical water treatment system aqua blue. Since then clear improvements resulted in our drinking water. Pleasantly soft and vital water, from better taste up to general well being. It is also suitable for skin and face hygiene, due to the water you get less skin irritation and skin dehydration. I can recommend the system aqua blue with a good conscience.

Merz and Diehl family, Hessen

[…] The deadline is over, the satisfaction unclouded. I drink tap water everyday and it still tastes naturally fresh. Even my fishes in the aquarium are pleased and there are no algae or other problems. We don’t want to miss the system anymore, thank you again.

Saalehotel Kahla, Gertraud Thieme, Kahla, Thüringen

[…] Aqua blue has been installed in our hotel for about 6 years. It contributes the improvement of the water quality […] We noticed less lime deposit in the kitchen as well as in the washing machine […] I only drink tap water now and feel in top form […] This one-time purchase absolutely pays off since no maintenance is necessary.