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Pleasant, smooth water of aqua blue increases your comfort factor
Drinking water is important and provides metabolism, concentration and prevents short-term memory

Delicious and pleasantly soft water for your well-being

With aqua blue your tap water tastes like it’s fresh out of the spring. The water is digestible. You drink more and therefore support your metabolism as well as your digestion. Your hair will feel softer and your skin is less dehydrated after showering.

Many reasons to drink good water

There’s no life without water. Water is the basic solvent for all foods, vitamins and minerals. It enables to disassemble food in smaller parts and to metabolise and assimilate those.

Stress, fear and depression are reduced by water. It increases the ability to work and performance by extending the attention span. Water delivers oxygen to the cells and transports the used air to the lung so that it can be exhaled.

Water helps to prevent amnesia linked to the aging process. Therefore the risk is reduced to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. The intervertebral discs between vertebral bodies become shock absorbing “water pillows” with the help of water.
Water is the main lube in joint gaps and prevents arthritis as well as backache. If there is a lack of water, no sex hormones are formed – one of the main reasons for impotence and loss of libido. Water transports all substances in the body. However, due to lack of water poisonous substances can deposit in tissue, joint, kidneys and liver, in the brain and skin. Water dissolves these deposits. Drinking water provides that one is able to make differences between being hungry and thirsty.

Water prevents blockages of arteries in heart and brain. It is the best purgative and prohibits constipation. Water is a significant part of the system to cool and heat the body.

The human’s body can not stock up water, which means it can’t refer to reserves in times of lack of water. That is the reason why one should drink water regularly and throughout the day. Water collects poisonous deposits from different body parts and transports it to lever and kidneys so that the deposits can be excreted.

Source: Sie sind nicht krank, Sie sind durstig! (TRANS: „You are not ill, you are thirsty“!) - Dr. med. F. Batmanghelidj - ISBN 3-935767-25-0