30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!
Our role model is the nature: With aqua blue you get table water with vitality, clarity and freshness of natural spring water.

Ordered structure is an important quality feature of drinking water

The scientific findings of ordered structure in liquid water have increased for a few years. This arrangement of water molecules influences the water’s quality considerably.

The natural arrangement of good spring water is destroyed by the unnatural treatment during processing (chemical additives, filtering, radiation) and transport (high pressure, long ways). The spring water loses its quality, freshness and dissolving power but also suffers in taste.

Viktor Schauberger and other natural scientists have already dealt with this sight of the water quality. Schauberger was concerned with swirling; other people called it vitalization, energisation or revival of drinking water.

With aqua blue, the taste of drinking water improves noticeably: it becomes fresher, smoother and more pleasant to drink.

aqua blue drinking water in spring water quality

Nowadays, our drinking water has a long way and obtains a technical and/or chemical water treatment before it comes out of our tap. With this progress its natural arrangement and thus its natural quality get lost.

aqua blue arranges the water again and gives back its original quality.

According to our experience, the tap water’s structuring with aqua blue is largely a pure swirl by Schrauberger or conventional watervitalising, energisation and water revitalisation. The water’s arrangement causes a significant improvement in the taste of tap water, the water feels softer and is considerably more pleasant for skin and hair.

Water crystal by Dr. Masaru Emoto with aqua blue
Water crystal of tap water in comparison without aqua blue

water cristals show structure and quality

You can see the quality’s improvement very well in the ice crystal pictures by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Water forms crystals while freezing. Those present the structure of the water visibly, which “isn’t available” in the liquid water.
The more high-grade water is, the more shapely and more structured show the crystals.




Ice crystals with great arrangement due to structuring with aqua blue
Ice crystal of the same water like above but without aqua blue

Additional water crystals show vital water with aqua blue

The pictures on the right show other under the microscope photographed ice crystals, referred to the developed process by Dr. Masaru Emoto (Japan).

The used distilled water in the picture right (below) is not able to create crystalline forms before the restructuring.

test methods: Ernst F. Braun and Sarah Steinmann, Uttigen, Switzerland

tap water without aqua blue – 400 times zoomed in
tap water with aqua blue – 400 times zoomed in

Crystal analysis by Hagalis shows the structure of fresh spring water

Test description:

Two samples of tap water from Überlingen at the Bodensee were compared with and without aqua blue.

The Hagalis labour researches with the help of crystals the water’s quality. The liquid is evaporated at room temperature. Thereby arise typical assigned crystal pictures of the samples, allowing a statement about the quality of the vitality of the samples. Those crystal pictures can be reproduced any time.

Overview of the result:

The picture on the left shows a star-shaped crystal configuration with an angle structure of 60°. Such crystals didn’t appear in the neutral sample (picture above). They normally only occur in natural spring water with greater quality. In organic as well as technical respect there has been an improvement of the quality due to aqua blue.

Hagalis AG, Andreas Schulz, Crystal analysis – quality inspection Aftholderberg

Quality feature: In the white tiled pool the aqua blue water shimmers slightly blue

Sparkling blue water: water quality which can be seen


The aqua blue water in the plunge pool of the wellness sector of the four-star castle hotel Lacknerhof in Flachau shows in the white tiled pool a beautiful blue shimmer

A feature of high quality water.

Water - the no. 1 elixir