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Lime deposits isolate heating spirals and heat exchangers - Reduction of effectiveness: 1 mm of deposits by 10 per cent, with a layer of 3 mm by over 20 per cent

aqua blue for your heating system

You can save energy and bare money for your heating cycle with a device of aqua blue.

Your advantages:

  • Less energy consumption
  • Cost savings due to less usage of fuel
  • Less scale in boiler
  • Extension of the pipe system's and hot water boiler's life period
  • Extension of maintenance intervals

Effect of scaling

Deposits isolate heating coils, heat exchangers and the inner wall of the boiler. They can not fully transmit the heat in that condition.

The efficiency decreases with only 1 mm of deposits already by 10 per cent, with a layer of 3 mm already by over 20 per cent.




Pictures from experience:

Hotel Kapuzinergarten - Breisach am Rhein


Water of the Hotel Kapuzinergarten's heating cycle.


Dirt and scaling dye the heating water black.

Clear heating water with aqua blue!


A few weeks after the installation of aqua blue on the heating cycle’s flow the water is clear without scaling and dirt.

Customers explain the advantages with aqua blue for household, hotels, industry and swimming pools - the general managers Hermann and Thomas Löhnert in an interview.