30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!
Water extra grafted with aqua blue, feels noticeably pleasant and velvet.

Advantages for hotels with aqua blue

  • Hardly lime deposits in kitchen, bathroom and wellness area
  • Conserves water pipes and devices
  • Quicker cleaning saves working hours
  • Saving in detergents saves money and protects the environment
  • More aromatic taste of drinks and meals
  • Better tasting table water for guests and employees
  • Less chemicals in swimming pool
  • Smooth water for swimmers and wellness visitors
  • Pleasant showwer feeling for hotel guests
Good message for your guests: Feel our extra grafted water pleasantly and velvety on your skin! Wonderful.

Aqua blue for your advertisement

The small difference for your competition advantage.

Advertise with aqua blue.

Confirm your good image with your awareness of good water.

Extend your offerings for the customer’s satisfaction.

aqua blue helps to save money. We calculate your possible savings.

aqua blue pays off

Offer your with aqua blue grafted water as table water and increase your profit margin.

Aqua blue decreases the water’s surface tension and therefore you can save up to 20 per cent of detergents.

The lime scale is easier to remove and thus reduces the expenditure of time for all cleaning operations.

Good experiences

Parkhotel Altmühltal offers aqua blue table water

Extract from the menu of the restaurant CHICORÈE in Parkhotel Altmühltal.

Attractive prices for your guests, profitable profit margin for you; with the offer of aqua blue’s grafted water as table water both sides benefit as a result.