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Reference - Hotels and aqua blue

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The building services engineering advisor WISAG confirmed the successful use of aqua blue® in the wellness area of the five-star hotel Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt am Main. aqua blue® was able to keep the lime scale soft and the heating coils more cleanly in the steam generators, which had to be descaled every 6 – 8 weeks and replaced every 1 – 2 years. The amortisation period is manageable and brings us an unreserved recommendation for this purpose from the building services engineering expert of WISAG.

Mövenpick Nürnberg-Airport with complete equipment of aqua blue for 1 year

We have the technology of aqua blue installed since January 2012 and do not only provide our whole drinking water system but also the heating cycle.

We want to thank you for your professional support and gladly confirm that we have had significantly less lime deposits and that we have been able to reach better cleaning results with reduced time and use of materials since then.

Shower heads, tiles, glass walls and mirror surface can be cleaned with a lower use of detergents and can not only be kept free from lime scale but also shined up. That saves costs for us and protects the environment at the same time and therefore supports our Green Globe activities. [...]  Letter of reference

Kobjoll family - Conference hotel Schindlerhof, Nuremberg

Conference hotel Schindlerhof – Nuremberg

Dear Mr Löhnert

We can gladly confirm that the use of your device “aqua blue” showed positive effects.

The lime deposits declined significantly, thus the cleaning efforts in the bathrooms decreased.
We were able to decrease the use of detergents. The water is fresher, more energetic and more pleasant on the skin.

Our team leaders expressed the wish to install the system in our creative centre. What else can speak more for your system?

Kind regards from Schindlerhof

Renate Kobjoll

Parkhotel Altmühltal offers aqua blue as table water to its guests.

Parkhotel Altmühltal, Gunzenhausen

Dear Mr Löhnert

We can gladly confirm the positive effeccts since the use of your water treatment system "aqua blue" starting july 2003.

Since that date we have offered the water out of Gunzenhausen's deep well as table water (still or sparkling) to our guests with big success.

The application is also effective in the wellness area; the feeling on the skin is very pleasant, according, to our guests, and the lime deposits have decreased significantly.

We can furthermore confirm that the water purification costs for the swimming pool have been lowered by around 30 %. That also applies for the use of all detergents in the area of industrial machines, e.g. dishwashers and washing machines, etc.

Kind regards

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Klaus Horrolt
General Manager

Hotel Kapuzinergarten- Breisach am Rhein

The panorama hotel Kapuzinergarten has been an enthusiastic customer since fall 2011. Engelbert Hau uses aqua blue for all water pipes and the whole heating water circuit.

The hotel also offers aqua blue water as table water starting in April 2012. A refreshing and cost-efficient solution for guest and host.

House and property management WOHLLEBEN OHG

Dear Sir or Madam

We are pleased to confirm that we are really satisfied with the new water treatment system of aqua blue in our residential estate Forsthofstraße in Nuremberg. We had massive problems with brown water and deposits for years; the water’s quality was really constricted in our residential estate. The fittings had to be cleaned excessively in the several apartments since scale and rust particles determined in the filters.
Since there was small water damage in the basement we had the possibility to have a look at a removed pipe part from the inside and to notice that urgent action is needed. After thorough examination of the different choices of water treatment the joint-ownership decided for aqua blue.

The device was easy to install since no other construction or assembly works had to be done. The device of aqua blue has been used since the beginning of May 2011 and the inhabitants tell about significant improvements of the water quality and speak of clear, clean and softer water.
Therefore we can only recommend aqua blue.

Kind regards

Doris Schweidler
General Manager  www.hausverwaltung-wohlleben.de

Michael-Bauer-Heim, retirement complex, Nuremberg

Dear Mr Löhnert

We took notice of aqua blue when we were looking for an improvement of our water quality for the Michael-Bauer-Heim, giving priority to get rid of the lime deposits in the water pipes but also because we had to clean the aerators so many times.

We have been using aqua blue for 2 years now and are surprised how our water quality has changed in a positive way. The lime deposits decreased significantly and the cleaning of the filers has become more seldom: before quarterly, with aqua blue once a year.

Our dishwashers flooded in the kitchen, which means we needed fewer detergents.

We offered the water of aqua blue as table water to our inhabitants and employees. It is being accepted since the water’s taste is more pleasant than the traditional mineral water. Thus the purchase of mineral water decreased. We do not only save money but can also protect the environment.

We gladly recommend aqua blue.

Kind regards

Klaus Issel
Retirement compex director

Detlef Neumann, swimming supervisor in Forest Swimming pool Rothenburg o. d. Tauber

Forest swimming pool Rothenburg o. d. Tauber

Aqua blue is used for the indoor and outdoor pools in the idyllically located forest swimming pool of the beautiful and world-famous small town Rothenburg o. d. Tauber.

Operation manager and swimming supervisor Detlef Neumann is convinced of aqua blue and tells his experiences in an interview.

“The water feels smoother, it’s like the water caresses one, according to the bathers.”

Community of Happurg's training pool

Dear Mr Löhnert

We have used aqua blue in our training pool for several years.

We can gladly confirm the positive effects since the installation:

  • Siginificant saving on pH-countersink by around 30 % - thus settlement of aqua blue's acquisition costs after around 5 years
  • The cleaning of the spill-ways becomes easier and therefore reduction of detergents and working hours
  • Water is smoother and silkier
  • No more lime deposits occur

We can recommend aqua blue due to the improvement of quality and the savings.

Community of Happurg
Friedrich, head of buildings