30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!
Clean rinsing result - rinsed with aqua blue tap water

aqua blue for restaurant-technology

  • Protects your dish machines, water pipes and devices
  • Better cleaning results
  • Saving on detergents
  • Less lime deposits on Bain-Marie devices and convectomats, in pots and surfaces
table water of aqua blue and a good espresso - a good thing!

aqua blue for hot drinks and table water

  • Coffee and tea taste more aromatic
  • Structured water as table water for the guests
  • Less stain on glasses and dishes
  • Less lime in coffee machines, dish washers and other devices
An other nuance finer - dishes prepared with aqua blue water

aqua blue for the good cuisine

  • Enhances the taste by furhter nuances - for soups, sauces, desserts, potatoes and pasta
  • Yeast dough rises better and becomes more delicate in taste
  • Salad stays fresh for a longer period
  • Vegetables keep its colour