30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!

The turbo for your CNC machines

Your advantages:

According to latest findings the water quality used for the mixing of cooling lubricants influences the production results considerably. It was able to proof in experiments with and without aqua blue that the load on tools and floating tool holders declines significantly despite identical process parameters.


You decrease your production cost with aqua blue.


Lubricates well, saves money, optimizes processes

aqua blue probes work with frequence technology. They emit pulses and change the life conditions of microbes. Thus bacteria will be inhibited, their metabolic activities reduced and the surface tension lowered. Subsequently the KSS-quality stabilises at a high level and the lubrication charakteristics improve.

Optimaze your processes with aqua blue® too.
You will save time and money - and protect the environment at the same time.


Lowers the wear, increases the machine capacity, reduces bacterial growth

The application is very simple. No installation costs occur. aqua blue probes do not need maintenance, do not wear and no follow-up costs accrue.

Ihre Investition amortisiert sich innerhalb kürzester Zeit, abhängig von Ihren individuellen Gegebenheiten. Your investment recoups within shortest time, independent of your individual circumstances.

Application on the right:
Load on tools, or floating tool holder

Cooling lubricant after 8 weeks with the aqua blue probe - see red marking - in cooling lubricant tank
aqua blue for cooling lubricants - less odour production, longer operation lifetime
Cooling lubricant after 8 weeks without use of the aqua blue probe

Experiment - aqua blue in use at turning/miling center

Test conditions
On two identical turning/miling centres, the same orders made of stainless steel, machining steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metal are run. Both machines have a coolant tank of machine tool with capacity of approx. 180 litres.

The cooling lubricant is refilled approx. every 2 days to replace the cooling lubricant which got lost due to chipping.

Both machines were completely refilled before the test begin.

Test begin 2 May 2011
In one of both tanks an aqua blue probe was used.

Assessment after 8 weeks of test run
The cooling lubricant has declined, as usual, in the machine without aqua blue.

In the engine with aqua blue, no changes to 2 May 2011 were noted.

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aqua blue in cooling lubricant

Stabilise the quality

KSS stays fresh for longer period
Texture and viscosity last longer
It retains its characteristics as cooling lubricant - and lubricants as corrision protection
Provides more regular production

Cost reduction

KSS has to be changed more seldom
Savings in cooling lubricants and waste disposal
Fewer deposits in pipes
Less downtime and cleaning time

Improve working conditions

Less smell
Less bacteria burden skin and airway
Reduction of downtimes
Less unpleasant work