30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!
Perfect result: dough treated with aqua blue
aqua blue for bakeries - for a higher fermentation stability, shorter fermentation time, better taste

aqua blue for bakeries

Only with vital water you get really vital dough!

  • Dough becomes easier to prepare and more machine friendly
  • The dough mixes quicker, water absorption and dough yield are higher
  • Dough has shorter period of fermentation and better fermentation stability
  • Dough becomes more stable, woollier, silkier or rather more elastic, is not so blunt anymore and is easier to process
  • Processes run more regular, more stable and usually quicker
  • The flour can absorb more water
  • Better kneading behaviour and shorter kneading time (depending on the product)
  • Significant reduction of raising agents and additives, e.g. guar gum or pregelatinised flour
  • Baked goods become looser, sappier, more aromatic and lighter
  • Extension to preserve freshness up to 2 days (depending on the product)

aqua blue in technic sector

  • Kneading machine and metal sheets do not stick together so much anymore and are easier to clean
  • Vapor pipe in oven do not calcify as strongly as before
    Decalcification intervals extend significantly
  • Waste water of evaporating plants is not dirty and especially does not smell unpleasant anymore
  • There are no problems with algae in cooling water system
  • Clearly less salt for water softening if corresponding system is available
  • Clear savings in detergents for dish washing machine and dish-washing line

The observed results can be different in their intensity. In addition to water quality, the dough behaviour is influenced by various factors, like the flour’s quality, baking additives, the period of dough process as well as the oven and fermentation technic.

Reference Backhaus Walzel, Nuremberg