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aqua blue for the brewing process

Advantages with aqua blue:

  • Water is an important raw material
  • Beer tastes fuller and is digesitble
  • Structured water is compatible with hop and malt
  • Higher stability in microbiology
  • Less calcification
  • Due to increased surface of the water it can absorb more flavourings
  • Peroid of fermentation decreases
  • CO2 is spread more fine-bubbled, is more mild and therefore lighter and gentle on the stomach
  • Better beer quality and taste
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance or follow-up costs

Possible savings in production sector

  • Savings in detergents and germicide by around 10 - 15 %
  • Savings in chlorination during alkaline tank cleaning, thus reduced consumption of chlorine
  • Raw materials have significantly higher yield
  • Reduced caustic carryover
  • Reduction of lye consentration possible
  • High life period of the devices
  • Quick amortization of investment costs