30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!

Backhaus Walzel, Nuremberg

Dear Mr Löhnert

We can gladly confirm that the delivered device of aqua blue has affected the production and quality of our baking goods in a positive way. After the installation of the device we noted the following:

Our customers get our popular tap water of aqua blue to their order in our coffee shop.

Uwe Walzel
Backhaus Walzel

Nudelholz & Zuckerguss, Nuremberg

Dear Mr Löhnert

We can gladly confirm that the water device of aqua blue has a positive effect on my baking goods.

We have noted the following changes:

We are impressed by the device's effectualness and would recommend those any time.

Kind regards

Andrea Moosburger
Nudelholz & Zuckerguss

Fleischerei Jordan, Großostheim

Dear Mr Bodensohn

We have used the water treatment system of aqua blue from the company Löhnert GmbH for a good year and confirm the positive features with a clear conscience.

The lime deposits on the machine surfaces and heating elements (e.g. dish washing machine, cooking machine, combination steamers) declined noticeably and are easier to remove. We were also able to reduce the dosage of chemical detergents by around a quarter.

We also believe to note that the sausages, manufactured with the improved water of aqua blue, stayed color-stable for a longer period on the cut surface and therefore less we didn’t have to cut the sausage in the sales counter so many times.

The water vitalised with aqua blue is moreover fresher and softer and is pleasant to drink.

Kind regards

Steffen Jordan
Fleischerei Jurdan

Parkhotel Altmühltal, Gunzenhausen

Dear Mr Löhnert

We can gladly confirm the positive effeccts since the use of your water treatment system "aqua blue" starting july 2003.

Since that date we have offered the water out of Gunzenhausen's deep well as table water (still or sparkling) to our guests with big success.

The application is also effective in the wellness area; the feeling on the skin is very pleasant, according, to our guests, and the lime deposits have decreased significantly.

We can furthermore confirm that the water purification costs for the swimming pool have been lowered by around 30 %. That also applies for the use of all detergents in the area of industrial machines, e.g. dishwashers and washing machines, etc.

Kind regards

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Klaus Horrolt
General Manager