30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!
Clean rinsing result - rinsed with aqua blue tap water
Less lime scale on pots, dishes and glasses - due to aqua blue water treatment

aqua blue for restaurant-technology

  • Protects your dish machines, water pipes and devices
  • Better cleaning results
  • Saving on detergents
  • Less lime deposits on Brain-Marie devices and convectomats, in pots and on surfaces
aqua blue table water and a good espresso - a great thing!
Coffee and tea prepared with water of aqua blue taste more aromatic, aqua blue tap water as well tasting table water for your guests.

aqua blue for hot drinks and table water

  • Coffee and tea taste more aromatic
  • Structured water as table water for the guests
  • Less stain on glasses and dishes
  • Less lime in coffee machines, dish washers and other devices
Another nuance finer! - dishes prepared with aqua blue water
Dishes prepared with aqua blue water stay fresh for a longer period and enhance the taste by further nuances

aqua blue for the good cuisine

  • Enhances the taste by further nuances - for soups, sauces, desserts, potatoes and pasta
  • Yeast dough rises better and becomes more delicate in taste
  • Salad stays fresh for a longer period
  • Vegetables keep its colour