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aqua blue for pools, lakes and ponds

aqua blue for lakes and ponds encourages the existing microbiology and provides the degradation of surplus nutrients. It therefore ensures the regeneration in the oxygenated (aerobic) environment. Due to the improved living conditions microbes and plants multiply. Thus the natural harmony should be reached again.

The period needed for this development is greatly dependent on biological state of the water, the degree of contamination and especially the latest, current burdens. The period to any visible reaction of the water is between a few days and several weeks, the period to achieving the balance can last several months up to several years and that is the goal of the treatment.


The visible pehomenas are:

Our references for swimming ponds are:
91725 Ehingen - Bayerberg
91726 Gerolfingen
91740 Röckingen

Our reference for fish-ponds is:
Angelsportverein Pfofeld, 91738 Pfofeld


You can find information about aqua blue in swimming pools and public pools HERE.