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Cost comparison - Water dispenser with fixed supply to gallons and watter bottles

Data per month10 employees50 employees
Costs with gallon devicesapprox. €236.00approx. €1,086.00
Costs with bottles of mineral waterapprox. €140.00approx. €700.00

Costs with aqua blue water dispenser AB 4 CS including maintenance

approx. €93.00

approx. €93.00

Quantity of water dispensers needed1 unit1 unit

Monthly savings against gallon devices

approx. €143.00

approx. €993.00

Monthly savings against water bottles

approx. €47.00

approx. €607.00

Water dispensers already save cash at low consumption from a few litres per day. The whole logistic process ranging from orders to storage, empties collection, refundable and the exhausting carrying of gallonen and crates is no longer necessary.
Full refrigerators or supply bottlenecks are now a thing of the past. Thus you and your employees can focus on what is essential.