30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!

Hermann Löhnert, Löhnert GmbH aqua blue

Founder of Löhnert GmbH, Gunzenhausen, developer of aqua blue


“Water is originally alive, but due to the high pressure in the pipe water is destroyed. The structure is being changed.”

aqua blue gives tap water its original structure and quality back.


Thomas Löhnert, Löhnert GmbH aqua blue

General Manager Löhnert GmbH, Freiburg

“It is easy to convince customers of aqua blue. We make a test with lemon juice with the customers.
The lemon juice standing on the aqua blue device for a short time tastes much more smooth than the untreated version.”


Silvia Sand, Hotel Schindlerhof:

Conference Hotel, Nuremberg – Boxdorf

“We noticed that we can not see the calcareous water anymore, it is gone, we have to clean less, we do not have to invest so much time anymore. We have better coffee water and tea water.

The hotel Schindlerhof operates the whole pipe system with the technology of aqua blue.


Jochen Dorlöchter, Walter Wolf GmbH

General Manager, Developer, Construction, manufacturer of injection tools, Wendelstein

“The deposits on the machines are difficult to clean and if it can influence water, so my idea, with such an easy device like aqua blue, then less personnel costs for cleaning the machines would be needed and less costs regarding to refill the cooling lubricants would occur.”


Detlef Neumann, Swimming Pool Rothenburg

Swimming supervisor, Forest swimming pool Rothenburg

„The water feels softer, it's like it caresses one, according to our bathers."

The whole inside and outside swimming pool is provided with aqua blue water.