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SnowPlus convinces Mayrhofer Bergbahnen

aqua blue Technology in action beneath the brand SnowPlus

s&bt - Edition 5-2011 – October 2011

Colder snow, higher snow production and better track quality

After several tests and measurements, the Mayrhofer Bergbahnen decided to equip all of their snow guns with a SnowPlus filter.

With the system for structuring the meltingwater, the produced snow was several Centigrade lower, even when the throughput of water was raised in the machine by 10%. The low temperature affects very positively on the snow’s quality, because the snow is already frozen in a fresh state and no ice will be formed. The by this time necessary freeze out of the snow in snow depots is not needed anymore. Especially at steep tracks, for example the “Mousetrap at the Horberg”, were all over the season firm, resulting that they were less dangerous for Skier. The higher throughput allows a faster snow production and higher energy efficiency.

…Joseph Geisler: “I noticed the difference by far when skiing on the southern slope”. Klaus Hanzmann: “ The snow quality was clearly better, you even can see the difference with your eyes”. “For me it’s especially important that we now optimise the advantages, at its best in cooperation with our snow producer manufacturer, so that it can snow more efficient and more economic with, at the same time, better snow quality in the future.”…

…The personal experiences of the 3 operation managers and the test series in last winter also convinced the managing directors. Now all snow canons, except a few older models, are provided with the filter inserts of SnowPlus…

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