30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!

"Water is life, but only when it's alive"

... this is the slogan of aqua blue creator Hermann Löhnert.

"Our device of aqua blue permanently transfers the oscillations of especially high quality spring water. The tap water goes into resonance and becomes more alive, smoother and lighter."

When Hermann Löhnert speaks about his invention, he puts an aqua blue device on the table and prepares a taste test.

He pours a little bit of lemon juice in two glasses. He puts one glass on the device of aqua blue and the second one two metres away. Afterwards the learned carpenter and former vocational school teacher from Gunzenhausen how his device improves the physical features of tap water so that the drinking water tastes fresher and leads to more well-being.

Advantages for used water: the converted, readily soluble lime scale doesn't set so much anymore and the water has higher cleaning power. After that, Hermann Löhnert offers the listener both of the glasses one after the other - and this convinces also the doubters:
The lemon juice being affected by aqua blue in a time of ten minutes tastes much milder than before.