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The cylindrical shaped devices of aqua blue are available in different sizes, depending on application area.

aqua blue products for hotel and catering

aqua blue applications for hotels and catering area for anti-lime scale protection and spring water quality

For water-improvement in the catering sector we consider the whole water installation as well as the equipment and devices being especially delicate with regard to lime scale and quality. These are, first of all, the main water supply and drinking water heating system, afterwards the heating circuit. The bathrooms and wellness area have high demands in cleanability. In kitchen and pubs different water qualities are required for dishwashers and combination steamers.

We collect the data and create an individual application for every object and customer’s requirement, which of course depends on water consumption and water hardness.

According to problem and main focus of the customer we install the anti-lime scale protection and anti-rust protection for pipes, bathrooms, kitchens and devices on:

The main water supply:

The whole water getting into the house is structured in spring water quality and therefore significantly degrades the pollution of lime scale for cold and warm water. This is sufficient for usual water supply systems.

The hot water supply:

For arduous plants with extensive lines and probably several or immense hot water storages we recommend an additional treatment of the warm drinking water so that the lime scale stays optimally smooth and hard lime deposits can be avoided.
In this case we provide special positions in the warm water circuit with additional devices.

The heating circuit:

Since heating water does not contain normal drinking water, it has to be treated separately.
Here we install aqua blue devices to the complete heating circuit, usually on the feed line, so that the heating system can work efficiently as possible and guarantees an optimal heat transfer.

Individual strings:

If you only want to enhance parts of a building with aqua blue, e.g. kitchen or wellness area, you can install the devices to individual strings, too.

Individual devices:

If you want to treat individual devices, e.g. coffee machine, dishwasher, convection ovens or something else, you install appropriate smaller devices to the water supply of the individual machine. 
This is additionally very useful for existing water treatment devices and filters. For example for the improvement of the coffee quality, food in combination steamers or that the water drips off better and the glasses become spotless.

As supplement to chemical water conditioning or filters

aqua blue is a good supplement for traditional water conditioning to improve the quality and optimize the anti-lime scale protection.


As supplement to a decalcifying system

In combination with an ion exchanger, aqua blue increases the efficiency and anti-lime scale protection. The water quality increases significantly and you can reduce the additives of salt or chemicals. That releases the environment and saves bare money.

Instead of an ion exchanger

Aqua blue can replace a softening plant in many areas very well. Only where a lot of water evaporates and where it can also not live with smooth scaling, an additional decentralised softening is useful, e.g. for glass washers and coffee machines.


Please contact us about which possibilities aqua blue offers for your building. We gladly advise you.

We advise you individually and without additional costs.