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The cylinder-shaped aqua blue devices are used in hotels, residential estates and industry sector.
Photo of different sizes of the aqua blue devices for the industry sector. Cylinder in different sizes, if necessary, are installed on the water pipes.

aqua blue in residential estates

Aqua blue for great real estates for anti-lime scale protection and anti-rust protection

For treating water in great real estates, we consider the whole water installation. Starting from the main water pipe(s) relating to the drinking water heating system(s) up to the heating cycle we collect the data and create an individual applications for every building. Of course the water consumption and water hardness are an important part of the necessary information.

According to the circumstances and customer request we set the device for the anti-lime scale protection and anti-rust protection on

On the main water pipe:

Here, all water coming into the building is structured and therefore the base of the protection against scaling and rust for the building. The warm drinking water is recorded, too, which is mostly sufficient for simple system configurations.

On the water supply:

For immense estates with a very long distance and great hot water storage, the follow-up treatment of heated drinking water is recommended so that the lime scale still stays soft after a longer service life and that no hard deposits occur. For this purpose we apply smaller devices on important parts in the warm water circuit.

On the heating circuit:

Since the heating water is separated from the drinking water, the treatment on the main water supply is not sufficient for a longer period. Furthermore, usually only a relatively little amount of treated water is refilled.
Therefore an installation of aqua blue on the feed line is recommended, so that the heating water in the whole house is optimized.


Please do not hesitate to ask us which possibilities aqua blue provides for your real estate.

We advise you individually and free of charge.