30 Tage testen OHNE Risiko!

Ice crystals by Dr. Masuaru Emoto

with aqua blue
without aqua blue

Dr. Masuaru Emoto showed that the ice crystals’ quality is very closely linked to the quality of water. Better water makes more beautiful and more structured ice crystals. Aqua blue improves and arranges the molecular structure of tap water.

The hexagonal shape and symmetrical ice crystals are clearly distinct and those are similar to clear spring water. The transport in pipes destroys the water’s molecular structure. That becomes obvious on the example of ice crystals: The absence of almost any crystalline structure shows the defect of structure in water.

Ice crystals show effect of aqua blue

Ice crystals with aqua blue
Ice crystals without aqua blue

Water creates crystals while freezing. Those present the water’s structure. The more high-grade water is, the shapelier look the crystals.

The pictures on the right show photographed ice crystals following the proceed created by Dr. Masuaru Emoto.




The water used in the right application is not able to create crystalline shapes before the restructuring.



Test methods: Ernst F. Braun and Sarah Steinmann
Uttigen, Switzerland