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With aqua blue you'll get water in spring water quality at home
With aqua blue you'll get water in spring water quality at home.

Structured water

New scientific findings about ordered structures in liquid water have increased for several years.

The water molecules’ structure does not only influence the water’s substances but also the quality significantly.

The natural arrangement of good spring water is destroyed by the unnatural treatment during processing (chemical additives, filtering, radiation) and transport (high pressure, long ways). The spring water loses its quality, freshness and dissolving power but also suffers in taste.

aqua blue generates a physical field of vibration patterns which stimulates the water to rearrange again. The molecules become a structure again, which is common for fresh spring water. The water has its original quality and freshness, which can be seen and tasted, back. Ranges of technical parameters change making the increase in quality measurable.



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Presentation by Thomas Löhnert

TV interview with both general manager

Customers explain the advantages with aqua blue for household, hotels, industry and swimming pools - the general managers Hermann and Thomas Löhnert in an interview.