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aqua blue as alternative to softening plants

If you have problems with lime deposits in your household, which means scaling on faucets, washbasins, bath screen or on dishes and glasses, it is due to the fact that solved lime in water falls out or that the water simply dries out and that the lime scale creates hard crystals.

You can find those in your water boiler, in the coffee machine and other devices working with tap water.


Descaling of drinking water also has its drawbacks


Often occurs the question how one can remove lime scale out of water and looks for a plant or a filter descaling drinking water. These descaling plants or lime scale filter for drinking water usually work with ion exchangers which remove lime scale out of water and emit natrium into the water, just in exchange for calcium and magnesium. Those plants and filters are available for the whole house on the main water supply or as small table and pot filters where it is usually not mentioned what they actually do.

The consequence of the softening with ion exchangers is that drinking water is fortified with natrium ,which is usually made from table salt manufactured synthetically. The higher the water hardness, the more you have to take care that the limit for natrium according to the German drinking water ordinance will not be surpassed.

We think that decalcification rather damages the quality of drinking water. You can often taste the salt actually or you can see it over time on the plants which do not tolerate the water well.


Top water quality and defusing of lime scale problems with aqua blue


To prevent those drawbacks, one can forego water softening by means of a softening plant in most instances. Physical proceeds to water conditioning, just like the aqua blue system for water structuring, can make a very far-reaching improvement of the situation with lime deposits.

The lime scale stays better dissolved in water and deposits less. If water dries out, less and softer lime traces remain, which can be removed considerably lighter. The reason for it is that other crystals are created with aqua blue: no hard calcite but soft aragonite.

You can see that in water boilers, on faucets and bath screens. Less lime deposits which can be removed easier.

Try our alternative to softening plants 30 days for free

It is said that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. That is what we want to make possible for you with aqua blue so that you can determine how satisfied you are with this alternative to a softening plant or other anti lime scale protection.

With your 30 days satisfaction guarantee you can decide within 30 days from delivery date if you transmit the invoice amount or send back the device free domicile. It’s just simple.

We have been offering this for over 15 years and think this is the only way so that you can convince yourself of aqua blue’s effect. That’s better than reading documents about anti lime scale protection and softening plants and to think about the consequences how the health effects of water softening to drinking water and humans are or if the pipes become or not become free of lime scale.

You can request the 30 days test here.

Lime scale becomes soft and is easy to remove with aqua blue

Water boiler with lime deposits
A picture of lime deposits in water boiler with aqua blue..
Non-adhesive lime panel which already dissolved in water
Picture of water boiler with lime depisits, which dissolve themselves.
With aqua blue, the lime scale is easy to remove with a brush
Picture of a water boiler which is only cleaned with a brush.
Lime scale in water boiler
Deposits of lime scale and rust in water boiler and coffee machines can easily removed with a brush with the help of aqua blue.
With aqua blue lime scale becomes soft and is therefore easy to remove
A clean result - without chemicals!

Aqua blue hint against calcification

Let your water boiler always be with a little bit of water inside. If you completely empty the device, the residual water immediately dries out on the heating plate or coil and the lime scale occurs. Just rinse it out prior to the next use and refill it.

Thus you will always have an easy going for the cleansing!

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Customers explain the advantages with aqua blue for household, hotels, industry and swimming pools - the general managers Hermann and Thomas Löhnert in an interview.
Customers explain the advantages with aqua blue for household, hotels, industry and swimming pools - the general managers Hermann and Thomas Löhnert in an interview.