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Function and effect of aqua blue

Effective period of aqua blue

The technology of aqua blue was created in 1999 and 2000; we have produced aqua blue in series as Löhnert GmbH based in Gunzenhausen since 2001. Since back then the devices have been working until today, which means for over 15 years. We do not yet know for how long the devices will work eventually. However, what is for sure is that they will not work evermore.

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary we have contacted some of our first customers and asked them about their satisfaction of aqua blue. They all said that the water still tastes good, that lime scale was smooth and that the water in the bathtub was blue. This showed us that the devices of aqua blue also work well after 10 years.

Every now and then we receive enquiries of customers who have used aqua blue for many years already if it still can work. One can answer this question quite simply by removing the device from the pipe and observing how water and lime scale act in the next days (and if applicable weeks).
If the water becomes dull and the lime scale in the water boiler and on surfaces hard again, it has worked. If you install aqua blue again and the usual effects occur again, the effect is confirmed.

While the device of aqua blue is being disconnected to the pipe, you can also make the citron test and check if it has changed due to the device of aqua blue. Click here to learn more about the test.

If you still are uncertain about the result after the test, you can send us the device and then we check it in our company. We will update it regarding to the used vibration patterns for a reasonable fee (depending on device’s size and age, on request).

Development of aqua blue

The different models for apartments and houses up to residential estates and hotels.
the product range of aqua blue with small devices for individual taps up to medium sized taps for single-family houses up to big devices for apartment buildings and hotels.
SnowPlus is a sister product of aqua blue. There's a fitting filter replacement for all common snow cannons structuring the snow water and therefore improving the snow performance.
Different models of SnowPlus devices which were further developed by aqua blue. There's a fitting model for installation in the filter for every snow creator.

We have constantly developed the technology as well as the device variety since the first devices were produced to the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century.


That also refers to the internal structure of the devices, which means the combination and arrangement of the pulse generator’s different components, as well as of the effective frequency being saved on the silicon storage.


In addition, new sizes and constructions of the devices were added over the years. We create individual solutions for our costumers according to the amount of water per time which has to be treated or also according to the requirements with regard to the offered space, mounting options and other conditions.

That is how not only the squared devices for the main water pipes being mounted with Velcro fastening occurred, but also devices in cylindrical shape for attaching to pipes or for installation in filter systems. We also offer built-in devices which are installed in the pipe system and being flow through by water.

Application development

The varieties of aqua blue refer not only to the construction but also on the type of effective frequencies varying according to application and aim of the treatment. Thus devices for drinking water differ from those for snow, concrete and those, which shall help plants to optimal growth.

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Presentation by Thomas Löhnert